Corporate Law

• creation of the best business structure in Ukraine

The Law Firm «Tax Terra» offers wide range of the services starting from the creation of companies in Ukraine and up to the restructuration of international group of companies.

This sphere aims to develop, analyze and choice the most optimal legal form and structure for business, including type of the business in Ukraine, its intents and capabilities.


Intellectual Property

Increasing of activity in the field of intellectual property in Ukraine has had crucial importance to business success.

The Law Firm "Tax Terra" offers clients the following services in the sphere of the intellectual property:

• registration of intellectual property (trademarks, brand marks, inventions, utility models);

• preparation, verification and consultation of the agreements on disposal of property rights on intellectual property, though they required special approaches and knowledge;

• formation of the share capital including the portions of the objects of intellectual property;

• creation of the strategies of protection of the objects of the intellectual property;

• consulting on the issues of an unfair competition;

• confidential data and protection of personal data;

• consulting on the issues of the protection of copyright and related rights, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trade marks for goods and services, commercial designations and other objects of the intellectual property.



• Evaluation and analysis ofinternational business, local Ukrainian and international projects, investment models, agreements on joint activity, and tax planning models.

The business environment is looking often for new ways of development within the country and abroad, including involvement of new investment sources and creation of new taxation models. The international business uses benefits from planning of the international business transactions. Our company aims to create effective holding and trading corporate structures for the client. Our experts provide for comprehensive assistance on the issues of implementation and supporting of the international and the Ukrainian holdings, the commercial structures including taxation and regulatory issues (the licensing system for business entities in the Ukraine and abroad).

The Law firm «Tax Terra» helps to review current models of business structures and to develop the most optimal business-models for the client.


International Trade

The Law Firm "Tax Terra" pays particular attention to the development and supporting of relations between Ukrainian and international business structures on the due level. The Law Firm «Tax Terra» offers services in the following spheres; customs law, export and import transactions, economic penalties, antidumping and protective investigations, consulting in the international trade (in particular, the regulation of the WTO) and others.


Dispute Resolution

Notwithstanding the specialization in the tax disputes the Law Firm "Tax Terra" has a practice in civil, criminal, commercial, administrative and other spheres of law on the professional level. Due attention is paid to the issues on the bankruptcy and the restoration of solvency of the client, antitrust and competition law, debt collection.

In particular we provides the following services:


Due Diligence

The Due Diligence gives the real opportunity to ensure the ideas of new business plans and business projects. This concept is popular on the market of legal services and our aim is - to make it clear, approachable and useful for you. We are ready to promote you to make proper decisions for your business development and implementation of new strategic plans.