Corporate Law

• creation of the best business structure in Ukraine

The Law Firm «Tax Terra» offers wide range of the services starting from the creation of companies in Ukraine and up to the restructuration of international group of companies.

This sphere aims to develop, analyze and choice the most optimal legal form and structure for business, including type of the business in Ukraine, its intents and capabilities.


The Law Firm «Tax Terra» offers to its clients the following services;

  • creation of corporate governance system in order to protect the shareholders rights;
  • drafting of the charter documents of the company, subject to its intents and the specific of its activity.
  • choice of the optimal tax system (between general or simplified systems under the current legislation of Ukraine);
  • Legal due diligence and consulting on restructuring of the existing corporate structure (amendment charter documents, the changes of the amount of the statutory capital, the title, the residence, the re-election of the governing bodies, the opening and closing of branches and representative offices);
  • supporting establish of company in Ukraine and registration of different types the legal entities (corporations, limited liability companies, private entities, cooperatives and holding companies, non-governmental and charitable organizations etc.);
  • assistance during liquidation of the legal entities: joint-stock compnaies, limited liability companies, private entities, (cooperatives and holding companies, non-govermental and charitable organizations etc.).

• legal assistance of the general meetings conduction with further amendments of charter documents and the state registration of chnges

The process of the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of company participants, its procedure, representation the members on such meetings needs the proper legal control. Improper keeping the Minutes of such meetings of participants, the omission of the register of the members of the meeting and other infringements entails the risks of the corporate disputes, unfair contracts conclusion, raider capture.

The Law Firm «Tax Terra» exercise legal analysis, creating and amending to the charter documents of the company with the intent to the faster and most optimal reaction on the changes in the legislation and the interests of the company shareholders.

• documentary and organizational support of the procedures of reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy

The restructuring process may be done through the acquisition, division, separation or merger. With the aim to resolve the crisis situation and further business development there are may be performed a list of the reorganization measures.

The business restructuring may include improving the system of the governance, economic and financial policy, operations, marketing and management system.

These process may be carried out through:

  • legal analysis of the reorganization procedure;
  • analyze and creation the models of the acquisition, division, separation or merger of the business; developing the optimal models and analyzing all possible risks in the application process;
  • legal support of discussion and concluding of agreements, other required documents of the following procedures of acquisition, division, separation or merger of companies.

These procedure is also performed under the legal support of the bankruptcy procedure of the company (disposition of the debtors property, mutual agreement execution, sanitation, liquidation) with the intent to preserve company’s interests and reputation in order to save good contractual relationships.

creation of the protection strategies of the business owner’s

The Law Firm «Tax Terra» requires providing the strategy of the protection of the business due to legal methods. The most common form of the corporate warfare is the simultaneous opening of "two fronts" – the illegal actions against the company and the owner. Therefore the creation of the model of the business protect from the criminal, tax, commercial and civil prosecution is reasonable.. The creation of the models of the business protection includes analysis of changes in the legislation, due control of the company, the entry into and the exit from the businesses, improper structuring of the assets, due contracting and the conducting documentation.

The Law Firm performs the protection of business by analyze and implementation the features:

  • limitation of nominee possessor of the asset to exercise certain actions with the respect to assets (disposal, encumbrance, etc.), or minimization the risks of such actions;
  • control of the key documents;

Minimizing of the abovementioned risks, the family risks of nominee possessor:

  • the protection from the raider capture and the illegal actions of the public authorities.