• Evaluation and analysis ofinternational business, local Ukrainian and international projects, investment models, agreements on joint activity, and tax planning models.

The business environment is looking often for new ways of development within the country and abroad, including involvement of new investment sources and creation of new taxation models. The international business uses benefits from planning of the international business transactions. Our company aims to create effective holding and trading corporate structures for the client. Our experts provide for comprehensive assistance on the issues of implementation and supporting of the international and the Ukrainian holdings, the commercial structures including taxation and regulatory issues (the licensing system for business entities in the Ukraine and abroad).

The Law firm «Tax Terra» helps to review current models of business structures and to develop the most optimal business-models for the client.


 • providing legal opinions on the Ukrainian tax issues (including phone and writing advisory)

Due to often changes to the Ukrainian tax legislation and approaches of the tax offices to interpretations of the tax law provisions, the business needs independent legal opinions of experts on issues related to business activities.

The Law Firm "Tax Terra" based on substantial experience in advisory on tax matters helps to find the right way in the labyrinth of Ukrainian tax legislation and tax practice, indicates possible risks in business activity of the legal entities and individuals.

Most frequently the law firm receives questions related to application of provisions of Ukrainian legislation on corporate profit tax, value added tax, withholding tax, personal income tax.

 Tax Terra also offers consultations on the application of certain provisions of the tax legislation and the taxation of transactions and business processes.

• assistance of the companies duringthe procedures of tax audit and investigative procedures

The tax authorities while conducting tax audits often demand submission of the primary documentation or the information that they are not obliged to receive. Unfounded barriers in the submission of data or information entails negative consequences generally for the company and in particular for its director. The lawyers consulting the companies within the inspections of the tax offices help to find the right way in the complicated situation andto prevent the possibility of negative consequences of certain actions.

Worth to remember the importance of minimazing the risks of the additional accruals of tax obligations and of prevention of illegal actions of the representatives of the Ukrainian supervisor bodies.

• tax mediation with the purpoe of resolving disputes involving the tax offices;

The application of the tax mediation gaining popularity in different countries recently and has a chance to find appropriate place in Ukraine.

The tax mediation is the process of negotiations between the taxpayer (legal entity or individual) and the authorized person of the tax offices in order to achieve mutual outcomes in disputable questions. The tax mediation is applicable in the process of the tax control and the settlement of the current issues on the taxation.

In other words the mediation is an alternative method of the pre-trial resolving disputes today, while the current Ukrainian legislation does not specify the precise algorithm conducting this type of settlement. Using the mediation procedure allows taxpayers save their time and money for drafting claims, for attorney in courts and etc.

• assisting in the preparation of responses to requests of the supervisor’s bodies

Recently, the taxpayers in Ukraine gets the requests of the control authorities to submit the information of the commercial transactions in the company and of the commercial transactions with the particular counterparty, as well as they demand of the primary documents in written (originals or its certified copies). What is the right way for responding the requests of the control authority? What are the terms for responding? These questions are important while in the case of unclear response there is a risk of unscheduled inspections. The preparation of the proper response leads to risk of tax audit, withdrawal of documents or other actions which may significantly affect the business processes in the company.

• assistance during litigation with tax authorities (including appeals of tax notification-decisions);

The Law Frim "Tax Terra" provides representation in the administrative disputes and is ready to prepare the case for trial, to create the strategy of protection of the client company and to raise the set of documents in a short time.

The Law Firm «Tax Terra» offers the representation of the client in disputes with the Ukrainian tax and customs authorities.

The lawyers of the Law Firm «Tax Terra» may also join your case at any stage of the legal proceeding in order to create all possible variants of the protection of your interests.

• advices related to the transfer pricing and on arm’s-length prices

The provisions of the transfer pricing requires application of new procedures in order to justify and formalize prices. Failure of the application of transfer pricing rules may lead to the negative consequences for the company, in particular to the penalties and to the disputes with the tax authorities. Proper consultation on the issues of the transfer pricing, the audit of the primary documentation helps to avoid or significantly reduce relevant tax risks.

• tax consulting and planning on issues of labor legislation and salary

The tax burden on the salary fund in Ukraine is rather high. In practice it is very important to consider the provisions of tax legislation of the Ukraine and the agreements on avoidance of double taxation in the process of creating the relations with the employees, management, development the package of compensations for employees or bonus programs. The Law Firm "Tax Terra" ensures individual approach in the development of models on employment, hiring of company management, creating bonus programs that meets tax and labor legislation.

• complying and reviewing of tax declarations on incomes of the individuals (residents and non-residents)

The individuals who have the income from more than one sources of income (for example, from more than two employers) shall submit the annual declaration of income (tax return).

The drafting of the declaration of income by the individuals needs special knowledge on tax and accounting issues while each form of declaration is complicated and the violation of the form fulfilling entails the imposition of penalties and exercising the additional accruals. The Law Firm "Tax Terra" offers the creation of the project of declaration and its submission on behalf of the principal of an individual.